The Process of Composing Water Drops and a Wood Barn:


During this process off composing this final image, I edited it Photoshop. I took both of these images on the photo excursion with my Communication 316 Professional Imaging class. This was a cool process for me to watch be created because I was able to learn how to do something a little bit new in Photoshop. I wasn’t expecting the final image to come out as cool as this. The water drops are the back ground or where the sky used to be at. The wooden barn is where is was at but I changed the coloring of it. This process has been fun for me to learn because I now know how to compose different images together. I am going to try doing more images like this in the future. Let me know what you think!

This website has amazing profession images that look great with two images together. Christina Keddie has amazing examples of this. Check out her website at:





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