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Custom Client Project

Working with a client was definitely different then other photo shoots where everything was already set up and I wasn’t paid. I was not as prepared as I should have been. In the end everything worked out great. The client was great to work with. The model was a 7 month old baby. WOW!! That was extremely difficult. Little baby Olivia was crying and screaming most of the time. I had to take a break during the session because she needed feed. Then she was asleep for the rest of the shoot. The portraits turned out pretty good. There were a few super funny portraits of this precious baby girl.

On October 20th, at 10AM I started the photo shoot of baby Olivia. The photo shoot took 2 hours. The first talk about the plan and payment took an hour. I showed my work, planned the shoot, and decided on a price. I think I did a good job executing the project. I could have done a better job staying in contact with my client and informing him where I was at with editing the images so that is something I want to improve. I got the images to him within a week. He received the images on the 27th at 6PM.

I met this client at a photo excursion in Jackson, Montana. I took the job right away even though I had no idea how to take pictures of a baby. It worked out. I learned a lot from this first shoot. I told the client that I would deliver 15 professional portraits of the baby for $50. The 12 shot posted are my favorites from the 15 I took. For my skill level I think this is a great deal for me a the client. I am happy with the final portraits of this precious and adorable baby girl Olivia.

Go check out Jo Frances Photography. She has some great work with babies. Link to website:


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