Shots with Groups or Pairs of People:

Taking pictures of big groups of people is probably one of my least favorite things right now in photography. I have a hard time with it because I feel like I can’t be as personable with the people. It is important to talk and gain a connection with people. It is a lot harder with a large group especially when there are also a lot of photographers around trying to take picture.

These different photos were my favorite because I was able to get a little more personable with the people. They were great models together. These girl models were great! They had so much energy and love for life. It was fun working with them. They made my job as a photographer extremely easy for the nice.

Link yo an amazing fashion photographer named John Guira:


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This is Macy Smith

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Macy Smith is spontaneous. She is a photographer. Love children. And is an extrovert.

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