Food from My Snack Bag to Playing with Extraordinary Animals:


This is the picture taken of an ordinary scene.


These little seeds are delicious. One of my favorite odd little snacks to munch of on road trips. Their colors are amazing to me!



These are a few of my favorite snacks I took on my road trip to Twin Falls this last weekend. I love eating healthy and pistachios are so tasty.


Wild horse! These beauty horses are some of my friends. They run around and live in Twin Falls, Idaho. The clouds were perfect today and the fence line gave me a great view point with the horses running along side of it.



Horse hair blowing in the wind. It was a windy but great day to shoot some shots of this brown horse called Red.



Catching with the eye, this horse is one of the most wild ones I worked with today. It was a fun adventure trying to take pictures of horses. It is a skill I will continue to work on in the future.



The nose of a horse. What better explains these creatures. They are powerful, strong, and extremely intelligent. I have grown up with horses. I have had a few of my own and what gets me is there beauty.



What a cute crazy little pet goat by his gate. He tried to take out me and my camera! I am just glad I got a few shots before getting taken down.



Holding this cutie my a leash to try and get some sort of picture. I think it worked out okay? It sure wasn’t easy but it was so fun and funny for those watching me from different angles.


These shot were taking while I was in Twin Falls, Idaho. I left Idaho for the weekend for General Conference weekend to spend time with me sister. I got a ride from someone that posted on the Ride-board. I bought a bag full of snacks to munch on while driving. The pictures I took these weekend were moments I decided were good ones to document and important for me to remember in the future with photos.

I helped her start her horse business so I was around horses all weekend. It was the perfect time for me to have my camera and take a few shots of ordinary scenes but in extraordinary ways. There were also goats at my sisters friends house so I decided to try taking picture of the Goal, Chilly. It was not as easy as I had hope it would be. I screamed a few times because it looked like a lot of the time he was closer then he really was. It was a fun afternoon playing with the animals and taking some fun shots.

Some amazing photos, taken by amazing photographers of ordinary objects:


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