The Beauty of the Tetons on the Journey:

Each of these images was taken on my first photo excursion that was out of the state of Idaho. We adventured into Wyoming to take these shots in the Yellowstone National Park. There was a lot of different skills I learned while at this location of taking the pictures at the first stop with the colorful house. I learned how to take three different images so that I could get different colors in the final piece. I need to work on my editing skills. I was able to understand how to bracket which was a huge part of this assignment. I love the idea of it! I need to better understand how to utilize the programs to create a better final image. In these different edits, I used the sharpen tool. This helped make the image a lot better of the Tetons. The journey of capturing the beauty was done my bracketing. I have grown to appreciate the Tetons and especially with the mountains being capped with snow.

Mangelsen business dones a wonderful job with capturing nature and its beauty. Here is a link to the website:







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