The Top Ten of COMM 316:

Since September, I have been able to work we a range of different students with many different talents. I have been able to learn from them and improve some of my different skills with photographer and the different Adobe programs. I starting taking pictures less than a year ago. With time, I have seen the improvement I have made. I remember when I first started I had my first photography class Spring 2017. I didn’t know how to use the buttons on my camera. I was frustrated and never wanted to pick my camera up because it stressed me out. Now, I take joy in taking pictures. It is something that takes me away from my troubles and I can de-stress. I am grateful that I was able to get into this class last minute and push my way onto the wait list. It has need one of the most rewarding classes in my last semester at college. I have cried and because of the hard times, I have learned a lot and grown more than I would have expected.

Here are my personal best from COMM 316. These are the photos I am most proud of a little surprised I took them.














For more images that have influenced my skills, style and techniques, visit Morgan Weaver’s website and Caryn Esplin’s website.







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Macy Smith is spontaneous. She is a photographer. Love children. And is an extrovert.

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