My Movie Poster Re-Do of The Box

This movie poster took some time to recreate. It was a fun process of learning new skills.

I took the original movie poster and used that for the bottom section of the movie poster. I don’t take credit of it. Then I shot this image of myself. I have been told I look like Cameron Diaz so I thought, what better thing to do than try and make a poster she stared in. I realize now I should have probably done one of her smile because that’s what why people say we look a like.

I created the red thick line in Illustrator. Then saved it and placed it into Photoshop over my final edited image. After getting critique from Patty Dominguez and Victoria Strokes from class, I made a few change. I made the red line thinner and a darker red. Then I had to go back and edit the size of the image because I didn’t have it sized correctly when I started. This cut off some of my image but I think it looks great and maybe even better than before.

Someone who does it better:


Since I was young I’ve been told I look like Cameron Diaz. This has annoyed me for a while but it seemed like a great thing for this project. It pretty much just the big smile that make us look similar. I think Cameron Diaz is beautiful and the movies she plays in are hilarious. I’ve never seen the movie that I re-did but I would like to watch it. I think the movie poster turned out similar. It was difficult getting this shot by myself but it worked out.



This is the original movie poster from the movie The Box. I don’t take credit for the design. This is amazing and Cameron Diaz looks great on the cover. I am excited to watch it and find out what it is about. I thought this was an amazing poster and would be fun to re-create. It was interesting to try and copy. I learned a lot more about Photoshop and design through making the re-do of it.


Cameron Diaz Vs. Macy Smith

Which one do you think is better? I personally think Cameron Diaz is stunning but after a long day of work, school, and taking this picture by myself at 11 PM, without make-up on, I think it looks wonderful. I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out at all. I am grateful for all of the amazing tools offered in Photoshop.


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