Some of my Favorite Shots of Stunning People with different Light Patterns

Creating Unique Light Patterns on Beautiful Faces


Loop Light



Split Lighting



Dark Lighting



Rembrandt Light



Butterfly Lighting


Butterfly Lighting

These photos were taken at Bmy apartment at Abri with my roommate. We were all sick but I was able to get enough energy to motivate myself and my roommates to model for me. Between the coughs and bathroom breaks, we were able to get some stunning shots with great lighting. Through trying to get some pictures with different lighting patterns, we used the speed light and my canon t6i camera. My favorite one is of my friend Kjiera with the Rembrandt lighting. She looks absolutely stunning and beautiful in the light. This was a great light pattern to use on her face shape.

Rembrandt was the most different technique to capture but I feel like I was able to pull it off with the help of my friends holding the light and giving suggestions.

For these shots, I had my camera set ISO set at 100. The flash helped capture the little light in the shadows with the triangle on her face. In trying to capture the best shot possible I received help from Sister Esplin and Geraldo Summo.

A photographer that I admire in this field of art is Joe McNAlly. She knows how to capture the face of models and accentuate their beauty. Here is the link to her website:


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