This title is from a book I am reading. (I have been trying to read it for 2 years now. Hmm. It’s good) I have been so busy with working, school, traveling, and figuring out my life. There is so much to do and sometimes there is nothing at all that can be done.

Sometimes, it is hard to find time to do anything when I just keep running. Blogging is something that makes me take the time.

My list “to do” is never ending for one day, which frustrates me.

So here it is:

  1. Find a job
  2. Turn clothes
  3. go through old papers
  4. drop stuff off at DI
  5. Take pictures of clothes to sell
  6. Sell my snowboard, binding, and boots
  7. clean my room
  8. organize my clothes
  9. eat
  10. shower
  11. call my sister
  12. talk to my boyfriend (don’t forget to respond to text messages)
  13. upload the pictures from yesterdays photo shoot for Eye Power Kids
  14. finish homework
  15. tell friends I can’t hangout tomorrow
  16. make my to-do-list for tomorrow

Well, I can tell you only half of those things got done today. Multitasking is a must in my ‘in the meantime’. In my ‘in the meantime’, I have decided to continue my education and see where that takes me. I am also working with an amazing business that works to help make kids with eye problems more confident.

This is the logo of their website.

Eye Power Kids Wear -

Later, I will explain more of what I have been doing to help with this company.


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Macy Smith is spontaneous. She is a photographer. Love children. And is an extrovert.

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