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For this image, I changed the lighting in it. These is something extremely wrong with my WordPress so I was not able to upload my actual edited image. I share it on Twitter. Here is the link: https://twitter.com/macyk93/status/877391514246160384

In making changes to this image, I lightened the image, sharpened it, enhanced the contrast, and tried to make the image look better with trying to make the fog not so drastic them before. I took the critique from what was said in class and applied it to my edits. It was said in class that the fog was a little much for the image so I tried to tone it down. With the other adjustments I made, I think they helped with trying to make the colors better and the bright light in the background a little less striking. I like it more then the first one I turned in. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on with my WordPress so I can continue uploading images to other pages with my work on it.

Conceptual Challenge – Radio, Dizzy, Broke, Cement, Gloomy

Photoshop, 55-250mm, 1/60, F7.1, ISO 1600, RAW, Canon T6i

For this conceptual challenge, I was given the words, radio, dizzy, and broken. To go along with these words, I decided that cement and gloomy might go well. I planned on my final photo to look a little different as you can tell from my sketch (picture below) but I think that the overall photo turned out great. I had a difficult time taking the ideas that were in my mind and transferring them while working in Photoshop. There is a lot that I would like to learn using the different techniques and tools in Photoshop. I plan to learn more by watching YouTube videos so that I can figure out how how to execute more of the ideas I have in my mind.

Throughout this process of creating this image, I had the help of Austin Blair. He helped me with the set up of the objects and also helped me in Photoshop to get the cloudy (gloomy) look that I was going for. The only elements that I did not have in the actual photo were “gloomy” and “dizzy”. I created the dizzy look by making the radio had a blur effect on the speaker and also by having it hang by a string because that is how people feel when they are dizzy. I changed some of the basics like; curves and colors. This enhanced the red in the chains and made them stand out more then they did in the original image. I made a lot of different mask layers to bring out the colors and brighten a lot of the other objects like the radio.


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