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April 20 / Introduction of COMM 100

I learned about the requirements for the course. The work that I need to accomplish by the end of this semester. A brief overview of the semester and the structure of the class was talked about. The many speakers that come into speak in the class will help guide us in what field of communication we should be in.

April 27 / I~COMM Student Media Introduction

This week, Brother John Thompson introduced the different I~COMM Student Media which includes the campus newspaper The Scroll, Scroll Digital, and Soapbox. These different groups help get you real world experience and challenge you to grow and learn. I did not have a good idea about what each of these programs did before the different people came and spoke. now, I know what they can do and how each group could benefit me if I was part of the groups. Each provide experiences and opportunities for leadership positions.

May 4 / Understanding GRAD Plans

Career and Academic Advising Office

  • Degree Audit
  • Grad Planner
  • I-Plan

Planning, preparing, and setting goals are all needed to have success and achieving what is desired. There are many programs like the practicums with Scroll which is an on campus organization. The practicums are skill building classes that allow you to have hands on which leads you in the direct you want to help you continue with you major. One the degree audit, it shows that the “*A” are absolute and you have take the classes. One of the most important parts of planning for classes is taking classes that will help you build your resume. Being a communication major, there are the require emphasis classes, and then there is the require module classes which are the other classes which will help you stand out and help you learn more so that you are prepared for the future in the desired career field.

May 11 / Our Blog / Journalism and News

Why is the media important to communication majors? – Having new information and gaining new knowledge is what can help inform us to be able to have a meaningful conversation.

Writing can help when starting a blog. Write something you are passionate about. Your writing will improve. With practice and experience, you will become better in your field. Others will be viewing it and you could get a job from it. No one might need to hire you. This blog could become your job. Creating organization within this helps you prepare for the future and life now. Remember who you are when you blog. There are so many different advancements. There are miracles in this dispensation involving technology. We need to use them. “We and our messages should be unique, edifying, and help the light shine forth from the darkness.” “Sweep that earth with a flood.” If not you, who will share the goodness. Use the different hashtags. They will make a difference.

Think about journalism. This is a golden age. There are new jobs, technology, and the content internet is growing.

Reading the newspaper. Have appreciation for good journalism. It is about something fundamental. It is protected by the first Amendment.

  • Practice Oriented
  • News Channels
  • Internships
  • Writing
  • Leadership
  • Involved
  • Blogging
  • Do stuff on your own, your career has already started. Take responsibility of it. Stop checking the boxes saying “DONE”.

May 18 / Video Production

Brother Brian Howard  teaches introduction to video. He helps us learn how to apply the basic principles of video. He spoke about Broadcast Journalism Jobs which include; news directors, News producer, Assignment editor, Reporter, Anchor, videographer, Writer, and Video journalism. These people work at; Local TV Stations, Local radio stations , Network News, Cable News, and Internet.

  1. Jobs in Broadcasting
  2. Performance; Radio announcers and TV Hosts
  3. Technical TV Production; Director, Producer, Technical Graphics, Camera, Graphics

Brother Christian Mawlam talked about Video Production and the opportunities available and skills you’ll need to succeed; Screens are available everywhere at anytime and that there has never been more people willing to pay to engage in your projects. Some of the projects that he is involved in have been Video Production Companies like 90SecondStory. This was a business he worked on with his brother in the UK.

May 25 / Visual Communication Emphasis

Brother Lybbert talked about Digital Imaging (photography and editing), Vector Graphics, creating online media, and social media design. He went into detail about the different opportunities that are available to students and who can get involved. This department has a club that meets together each week on Wednesdays at 6 in the Kirkham. They work on projects, have workshops, and contests that involve people in the work field that are the judges of the contest.

There are many different requirements that need to be fulfilled. Here are the three names of the main necessities:

  1. Core
  2. Emphasis
  3. Module

These requirements are needed in order to graduate.


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