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Unique Things Around

Capturing Unique Things Around Us:


Seeing things around em not exactly as others see them has come easy to me. This is when my creative side comes into play. I enjoy trying to get images that others don’t have and can’t figure out how to capture. find taking pictures to be a great hobby in my life. I want to be able to have it be unique to me and unique to other people around me. I want the few pieces of arts I have to be breathe taking. I am working on this through my spare time and class time with my professors. I plan to after I graduate to take pictures for my step moms interior design company called Flora Designs. Here is the link to her website: Feel free to learn more about her work on her website.

I have been able to learn a lot about how and where to get the best lighting while taking pictures in buildings in and outside. I plan to improve this skill when I graduate and go back to Oregon to take pictures for her business. This will be a great thing to put on my website for people around the world to see.

Check out this website for some great ideas about building photographer:

People Together

Shots with Groups or Pairs of People:

Taking pictures of big groups of people is probably one of my least favorite things right now in photography. I have a hard time with it because I feel like I can’t be as personable with the people. It is important to talk and gain a connection with people. It is a lot harder with a large group especially when there are also a lot of photographers around trying to take picture.

These different photos were my favorite because I was able to get a little more personable with the people. They were great models together. These girl models were great! They had so much energy and love for life. It was fun working with them. They made my job as a photographer extremely easy for the nice.

Link yo an amazing fashion photographer named John Guira:

Wonderful Modeling Women

Shooting Fashionably Wonderful Modeling Women:


Women models have always amazed me with there elegance. It all started when I watched America Next Top Model. I thought they were beautiful. I could always pick out my favorite models at the beginning of the show. Most of the time they were the women that won.

I have been able to be on both sides of the camera. There are struggles to both positions but each has taught me something new. I have respect for models because they have many people telling them what to do. They get bashed for their looks and feel a lot of pressure from others. Photographers just a lot of pressure from other photographers to be better. Each is a unique situation and difficult but I have learned I can be wonderful in what we decide to do in life.

Stunning Photos from famous photographer Lee Miller:


Marvelous Men Models

Fashion Shoot Staring Marvelous Men Models:

Some unique shots from the fashion photo shoot taking in Rigby, Idaho. These marvelous men models were natures at posing. They did a great job helping me be more confident in my work and what I have to offer as a photographer. I need to work on making my work more unique. I want to be able to call a new style of photography my own. I have a difficult time going on photo excursions with my class because I find it really easy to just be like everyone else and get the same shot as others. Over time, I plan to change this and make every picture I own unique and marvelous.

Famous Fashion Shoot Photographer Juergen Teller :

Epic Portraits

How to Capture Perfect Light:




These portraits are taken with a bunch of great friends and fellow classmate in my photography class. I love learning from them and growing as a photographer. I am able to learn through experiences and difficult situations. I am so grateful for the time I spend learning new skills with my camera. It was interesting to learn what a portable light can do to an image. This is one example of how it can effect the model and the background at the same time. This allows for one object not to be blown out and have both in focus. So that they both look clear.

Here is a link to a famous photographer that takes great pictures of portraits:



Mobile Triangle Snoot Photography

Creativeness of Snoot Lighting:




These shots where taken in Jackson, Montana. I went on a photo excursion with my photography class. I learned about the arts of lighting people and objects. These peoples were taken with a snoot. It is amazing what lights can do when it is done correctly. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn so much. There are many different types of lighting. It is good that there are different colors that can be created using filters on the lights. It’s was good to learn about snooting in the indoors and outdoors.

A photographer that understands the arts of snoot photographer is Channing. She has done some light snoot photography in and outside. This is her website link:



Special Effects Photos

Light Captured in the Dark:




These images were a new types of photography to me. I like that I was able to learn from others while taking these. I really enjoyed taking water drop shots. It is like taking macro shots and adding something even more difficult into the process. It is fun to do something new and work to improve skills. It was also interesting learning about taking pictures of colored wires. I like that I was able to learn about this because I really like to take fine art photos. These are images I would be interested in printing and selling to people. These are images that my step mom that is an interior design would like to buy and put in the offices she is designing. I continue to learn more and be more informed about photography and art.

Here is a great photographer that understanding lighting and creating unique images:

Fine Art Print Horse

Fine Art Print of “Gelding Vision”:


Unedited image


Final, edited image

jacob Spori Building at BYU-Idaho – “Gelding Vision”

The Fine Art print is being displayed at Brigham Young University-Idaho in the Jacob Spori building on the main floor. In efforts to capture this image, I traveled to Twin Fall and took pictures of my friend’s horse. This was one of my favorite shots from that photo shoot. This is a gelding. Through this process of editing the image, it took me a few different processes to get the final image I printed. I put Photoshop Raw editor then took it into Photoshop to finalize some of the coloring, shadows, dodge/burn tool, and then used the cloning tool to make the sky in the upper left side look better.

Lighting Objects

How to Capture the Lighting of different Objects:

This semester I have learned a lot about branching out and learning on my own. It has been a challenging and fun semester. I am so glad I have been able to learn how to take pictures of objects and light them up in different settings. The many photography techniques have amazed me. These two images are some of my favorites light paintings from this semester. I did my best working with them in Photoshop. I think they might need some fixing but I am learning how to work with Photoshop and how to prefect my skills. I need to lean how to prefect the style of my final images. Any suggestions welcome! I am working to improve. Harm critique is welcome anytime.

Here is a person that gives good examples of how to take pictures of different objects with light: 

Outdoor Lighting

How to Take Pictures of Objects Outside:

These images where taken on my first all day/all weekend no sleep photo excursion. I am honestly surprised I got anything that could be considered photography. The exhaustion got to me. I am happy with the images that I have. I can see myself growing as a photographer. I am enjoying the skills and different styles of photography I am learning. Outdoor lighting is not one of my favorites because it was cold when I did it but I can see myself in the future enjoying it in a warm location. These first couple images where taken in a pitch black barn. It was cold! We used a bike wheel with lights on it to create this image. I had a wide shutter speed. Someone moved the wheel while my camera was doing all the work. It was a new style of art learned that night.

Here is another person that takes wonderful images of light orbs:





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