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Creative Resume

A Resume for Creatives

Hi, my name is Macy Smith. I am a graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho.  My degree is in Advertising and Visual Communication. Through my time at college, I have learned to love photography. This is where most of my creative has come into play. Starting out my college experience, I was not sure what I was going to major in. My passion for photography began when I started to travel. I wanted to be able to capture the memories so that I could remember them.

This is my creative resume. It has some of my best and favorite images, basic information about myself, and my interests. I hope through this resume, you are able to understand more about who I am. I worked hard to make this resume me. It was a long hard process. I don’t find myself to be super creative. I like things that are simple. I m very much a minimalist. I enjoy art that is simple and clean. I feel like I was able to capture this in my current resume.

I make the size of the booklet unique and not a basic 11.5 by 8 paper. There are many elements of my work that I did not include what I did, was my best quality work. I am learning to be a better designer and visual communicator through project like this. What I have showcased are some of my strong suits with photography.

To see another awesome creative resume booklet, check out Gerardo Sumano’s resume.

Macro Photography

Extra Macro Photography:

Well, I am for sure little out of touch with my macro skills. It’s not an easy skill. I love how creative I can be when it comes to doing this though. It is a lot of fun and interesting to me. I do have a lot to learn when it come to my setting on my camera. I thought I was doing well and then I saw them on my laptop and they are not exactly what I was expecting. But regardless, I think they show my creativeness and how I can take pictures. Please give some critique if you have any suggestions on what I can change or improve upon. Photography has defineely helped me improve in many different fields of life, one of those being patient.

Here is a  photographer that I inspire to be more like:













My Personal Best Photography

The Top Ten of COMM 316:

Since September, I have been able to work we a range of different students with many different talents. I have been able to learn from them and improve some of my different skills with photographer and the different Adobe programs. I starting taking pictures less than a year ago. With time, I have seen the improvement I have made. I remember when I first started I had my first photography class Spring 2017. I didn’t know how to use the buttons on my camera. I was frustrated and never wanted to pick my camera up because it stressed me out. Now, I take joy in taking pictures. It is something that takes me away from my troubles and I can de-stress. I am grateful that I was able to get into this class last minute and push my way onto the wait list. It has need one of the most rewarding classes in my last semester at college. I have cried and because of the hard times, I have learned a lot and grown more than I would have expected.

Here are my personal best from COMM 316. These are the photos I am most proud of a little surprised I took them.














For more images that have influenced my skills, style and techniques, visit Morgan Weaver’s website and Caryn Esplin’s website.






Portraits of Adorable Baby Girl

Adorable Baby Olivia:













Custom Client Project

Working with a client was definitely different then other photo shoots where everything was already set up and I wasn’t paid. I was not as prepared as I should have been. In the end everything worked out great. The client was great to work with. The model was a 7 month old baby. WOW!! That was extremely difficult. Little baby Olivia was crying and screaming most of the time. I had to take a break during the session because she needed feed. Then she was asleep for the rest of the shoot. The portraits turned out pretty good. There were a few super funny portraits of this precious baby girl.

On October 20th, at 10AM I started the photo shoot of baby Olivia. The photo shoot took 2 hours. The first talk about the plan and payment took an hour. I showed my work, planned the shoot, and decided on a price. I think I did a good job executing the project. I could have done a better job staying in contact with my client and informing him where I was at with editing the images so that is something I want to improve. I got the images to him within a week. He received the images on the 27th at 6PM.

I met this client at a photo excursion in Jackson, Montana. I took the job right away even though I had no idea how to take pictures of a baby. It worked out. I learned a lot from this first shoot. I told the client that I would deliver 15 professional portraits of the baby for $50. The 12 shot posted are my favorites from the 15 I took. For my skill level I think this is a great deal for me a the client. I am happy with the final portraits of this precious and adorable baby girl Olivia.

Go check out Jo Frances Photography. She has some great work with babies. Link to website:

Outside Adventurers

Searching for Fun in the Outdoors:

Pictures! Pictures! And more PICTURES!! All of these were taken in the Yellowstone National Park. It was an adventure trying to get good shots with very little sleep. I think with the little sleep I did get, I got a few good pictures. I need to work on my alignment and telling what the models what to do. It is difficult to do both of these things for me. I can’t always decide out of the blue what exactly to do. I don’t want to be bossy or offend the models. The first couple shots are some of my favorites! The models all did such a great job even though it was absolutely freezing outside.

Here is an example of a famous photographer that I inspire to learn from:


Men Portraits

Style-ish Style Men:




These are some of my least favorite shot from the lodge photo shoot BUT, these models did a wonderful job. I do kind of like the skateboarding shots I got. The very first one I got was with Sam Prows jumping with his stake board. It was a lucky shot captured. Men can be awesome models!! If you want to checkout his website, he isn’t just a model but also doubles as an absolutely amazing photographer. I am working to a some what as good as he is. Check out his website:

Learn from others and you will get better! Look for people that are better than yourself and surround yourself with them so that you become one of the best.

Check out this famous photographer:

Lodge Portraits

Women in Powerful Fog:




Such fun fog pictures taking in Montana at a beautiful lodge. Taking pictures with models and fog was a first for me. I think the pictures turned out pretty great!! It was fun to be able to learn from other classmates like Alii Brock, Benjamin Greenwood, and Bailey Bennett. Check out these three amazing photographers and how they captured stunning pictures with models and fog on their blogs;,,

Women are wonderful model. This model did a fabulous job. She was powerful in her movements and kind words to others. I have learned communication between a photographer and a model is very important. This could be the determining factor of getting a great shot or a terrible one.


A famous photographer Jesse Freidin does a great job showing examples of how to capture different elements in the photo process. Here is a link to his website:


Fancy Buildings

The Art of Interior and Exterior Photography:

Such cool building I have been able to take pictures. of. This restaurant was beautiful and the food was even better. The design of the building was amazing. I am amused so much by its look because my step mom is an interior designer. I am grateful that I was able to learn a little bit about how to photograph building better. It is not an easy thing. Especially when you don’t have the correct lighting. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures of building, indoors and outdoors. Let me know if you are willing to collaborate. I would love to improve and become better rounded photographer. I think all aspects of photography have their perks. It is important to be educated of many things.

The art of exterior photography is captured wonderfully by David Peterson. Here is a link to his photography:

Delectable Food

Get in My Belly Food:

Such delicious food! I can’t even explain it! So worth the shots. The food was way better than the pictures taken here. My mouth was watering. It was probably because I was so hungry or maybe even because I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep. I learned a lot about a catch shadow. It was something new to me to learn about the art of photographing metal in photos. I tried photographing utils with the food. I had the help from other people. It worked okay. I plan to continue work on this art. Go check out the man eating the burger. Here is a link to his photography website:

Here is one of my favorite food photographers, “Delectable Food Photographer by Food Deco”:

Delicious Desserts

Pictures of Delicious Desserts:

I am for sure not a fan of taking food photography yet. It was extremely challenging to me. I had a hard time getting the lighting correct on my camera. I didn’t know what angle to be taking the pictures at and it was hard to get pictures because there were so many other people around trying to get the same shots. It was stressful and difficult for me. I know as time goes on food photography will get better for me but as for now, I just want to continue eating the delicious desserts and not worrying about taking pictures of it. I like to enjoy my food and it was just stressful to me. I did not have much fun trying to take pictures of each item. I was able to eat some of the desserts while people took pictures. That was awesome!! Best part of that day!

Link to famous food photographer on a blog called “Pinch of Yum”:


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This is Macy Smith

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Macy Smith is spontaneous. She is a photographer. Love children. And is an extrovert.

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