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These two photos were taken while I was on a hike to Packsaddle with my best friend and her mom. We stopped a few time so that I could capture a variety of photos. I had to take some time to figure out the settings on my camera because it was super bright outside. After going into PhotoShop, I was able to show the colors that I could see in person. It was a beautiful lake. I made the first image more interesting by adding a new perspective to the same view.

2 ESES – 

This is the view from the top of Packsaddle Lake. I huminized this image by putting my best friend and her mom into the picture. This give the audience and good understanding of the scaling of the landscape. It was a wonderful view with the Tetons in the distance. I think the first picture is very basic and anyone could take it but the second one is unique and has character to it.


This log was floating in Packsaddle Lake. I walked out on it with my camera, which was super scary but I was able to get down low enough to get a unique angle that shows a different perspective than the other photos I took. It uses the rule of thirds. I centered the log so that it splits right down the middle which gives it a cool look. Where the log ends also adds to the image and the overall look.

SHALLOW DEPTH (Include building in background) – 

Super original! Leaving this school without taking a picture of the building I spend so much of my time is would be a disgrace. I change the F-stop on my camera so that I got more bokeh in the overall image. The Spori building in blurred with the bush in focus. I lightened the corner of the bush in post.


 This image was taken at sunset with a few friends from class. It was an amazing sunset. The sky was bright and the field that we were in had great landscape with cows roaming around. It was perfect to have two people walk in from of me, because I was able to take a picture of them with the light hitting off of them making them have a silhouette look.


Fun hike “R” mountain with my roommate. This hike was short but the sky and lighting was great. It was a warm day and the sun was setting. The lighting was perfect. I was able to adjust my camera settings so that I got my roommate in action walking up the hill. The blur look was because I has my settings set at a slow aperture creating a long exposure time. I like these types of pictures because the other objects in the picture are clear and in focus.


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