Individual (Side Composition) – Smile

This side composition of my roommate was taken outside of the temple. It was the first sunny day that I was able to go outside and not have classes. All of my roommate and I went and walked around the temple together. It was peaceful and enjoyable. I hope to do better and learn more about taking portraits because I know I can do better.

Individual (Head & Shoulders) – Face

This shot was taken with my roommate.I have been working with her to not take awkward pictures. It has taken sometime. She tries her best and does want I ask her to do. It am grateful that she was willing to let me take pictures of her and boss her around for a good hour trying to get at least one good picture.

Individual (Full Body) – Chill’n

I took this picture outside in the backyard of the Men Tower apartment complex. It was a lot of fun trying and learning how to change my setting on my camera to complement the surroundings and capture emotion within the person.

Group Activity – Marriage

This cute couple let me take their picture while they were playing basketball on a Friday night. They were get at holding poses and just playing and letting me get in there way so that I could get a good picture of them playing basketball.

Group Posed – “R” Pose

For FHE we hiked p “R” mountain. We went around 6:30. The sky and the clouds were absolutely beautiful. It was warm and perfect weather to go on a hike. It was a wonderful setting for a posed picture with my FHE sisters.

Individual Environmental – Shoe-less Student

Late Friday night I went to the MC to take pictures of people working. This shoe-less student was comfortable and laid back with his shoes off just getting down to business finishing his homework. I only distracted him for a couple of minutes before getting a clear shot with some good angles with his laptop and the chairs.

Editing (Enhancement) – Lime Lime

This creative photo that has been edited was taken of Austin in a field of green grass. The creative part was not exactly executed but I tried. I have a few other ideas for the final project that I will try soon. This was a good stepping stone for getting there.


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Macy Smith is spontaneous. She is a photographer. Love children. And is an extrovert.

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