Feather Girl – Natural Light

I took this picture in the first rotation of the day for the different stations. I took a few different angles of this shot. This is the best one because of the placement of the feathers and the look in her eyes. Her eyes catch on the natural lighting perfectly. I change the saturation of the blue in Photoshop to make it pop more and give the picture some more life to it.

Cool Boy- Content Light

This portrait was taken at the bar area. I was getting more comfortable with the placement of the lights and was able to use the lighting to my advantage. I later change some of how the lighting hit his face and fixed some of his skin complexion so that it was more even. This also made his face look thinner and more manly. I made all the changed I did in Photoshop so that the picture reflected what I saw in person.

Red Lips- Beauty Dish

This image took me some time to change from an image I was not thrilled about to one of my favorites from the Bannack Excursion. I light the coloring and the lighting in this shot. I think the “Beauty Dish” did a great got on bring out her natural beauty. I takes enough from her and the background and the contrast is great.

Indian Lady- Dimmable Light

I liked working and learning more about dimmable lights. I had a difficult time with my camera setting, changing them from the shot I was taking outside. The lighting was a lot different inside. After being frustrated and getting the correct settings, I was able to direct the model to a pose that looked pleasing. I like the way the light is brightens her and the veins in her hands pop on the piano.

Man and His Dog- Constant Light

This is my favorite shot from the day. I was able to have a positive interaction with this model and his dog. Initially, he had his dog in the corner not in the shot. I asked to take pictures with his in the pictures. It was a great idea because he loves his dog and I got some really great shots his him smiling and laughing. There was much love in this shoot. Not a lot of editing needed to be done to capture the joy between this man and dog.


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