Black Scales

I took this picture while on a hike in Twin Fall this past weekend. It was not a planned photoshoot. I was excited to find it and even more excited that it stayed still and did not jump at me. It stayed quiet until I was done capturing the shots. There were lots of rocks and this lizard was in between them so I had to get done on my knees and then on my tummy to be able to get the perfect angle.

Pink Marble

This creative shot was an idea I had in my head from some photographs I show on other peoples Instagram pages. I took it while walking to track practice. I was a little late but it was worth the shot. The lighting, shy, flowers, and timing was perfect. I bought the marbles just a few days ago and have been carrying around both my camera and the marbles just in case I ran into a situation like this. I have found getting idea from other photographers is a great idea on how to improve my own work and be more creative.

Purple Flower

I took this picture on the first day of learning how to shoot macro pictures. There was great lighting, both natural and fixture lights on the flowers. I used the camera to get as close as possible and then used the zoom to capture this flower. It took me the longest time to figure out the focus on the camera and how to get the water drops to look clear and sharp. The water drops are the focus on the flower.

Water Drop

This image was taken after class. There was natural lighting and a fixtures light on the flower. The fixture light is what is reflecting in the water drop. It looks like a flower which I think is beautiful. I used my other hand to stabilize the hand with the camera in it so that I could get a clear and focused shot. This worked! I was able to focus on the water drops after twisting and turning the focus lens a bunch of times.

Tulip Marble

I tok this picture outside of the Hart building on the way to the lab. I already had enough picture from this project but I wanted to try and see if I could get other shots that were better. This is one of my favorites from this week. I like the colors. I held the marble and the tulips were about two feet behind the marble. I took a lot of different shots and decided that I liked holding the marble a little higher because I could get the sky reflecting off the marble.


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