These photos were taken at BYU-Idaho in the classroom. The models were of objects bought to class and a classmate. These four shots were the result of the first time I have even taking SQIBB photos. I am happy with how they turned out. I was not excepting such great quality in the results. I learned that trying to bring out the shadows of an image is important. Catching light and the glare of the speed light was done in a few o the images but I like how it catch the light in the hourglass.

This technique is one of my favorite. I enjoy taking darker lit pictures so this goes well with my style. I am excited to see where this style takes me in the future. Light and shadows can be tricky to balance but I am getting the hang of it with time and practice.

For these shots, I had my camera set ISO set low. The flash helped capture the little light in the shadows. In trying to capture the best shot possible I received help from Sister Esplin, Geraldo Summo, Jacob Kennings, and Alex Brown.

A photographer that I admire in this field of art is Fritz-Liedtke. He knows how to capture the face of models and accentuate their beauty. Here is a link yo his website: