Drinking Red Bull can give you Wings!

I don’t take credit for this image. I found it on this page, http://larrypollockphotography.com/2014/05/16/creating-angel-etheric/.















It was a long and difficult processes capturing this unique shot. There were lots of other objects reflecting in the can. It was a fun to learn how to make it clear and pleasing to look at. With the help of two other people, white paper, and a strobe light, I was able to get the final photo. After capturing the shot of the Red Bull can, I did a few edits in Photoshop. I got the wings from the internet. The link of where I got them is under the original image. I added a few words to the ad saying, “Red Bull Gives Wings”. I like this saying. It is fun and unique. I used different camera setting to make the flash work and not see a reflection in the can.

One person that I aspire to be more like is Erik Johansson. He is an amazing product photographer. Here is the link to him website: http://www.erikjohanssonphoto.com/