Women in Powerful Fog:




Such fun fog pictures taking in Montana at a beautiful lodge. Taking pictures with models and fog was a first for me. I think the pictures turned out pretty great!! It was fun to be able to learn from other classmates like Alii Brock, Benjamin Greenwood, and Bailey Bennett. Check out these three amazing photographers and how they captured stunning pictures with models and fog on their blogs; http://brockalli.com/blog/, https://benjamin-greenwood.com/category/blog/, http://joyfulbphotography.com/blog.

Women are wonderful model. This model did a fabulous job. She was powerful in her movements and kind words to others. I have learned communication between a photographer and a model is very important. This could be the determining factor of getting a great shot or a terrible one.


A famous photographer Jesse Freidin does a great job showing examples of how to capture different elements in the photo process. Here is a link to his website: https://www.jessefreidin.com/