A Resume for Creatives

Hi, my name is Macy Smith. I am a graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho.  My degree is in Advertising and Visual Communication. Through my time at college, I have learned to love photography. This is where most of my creative has come into play. Starting out my college experience, I was not sure what I was going to major in. My passion for photography began when I started to travel. I wanted to be able to capture the memories so that I could remember them.

This is my creative resume. It has some of my best and favorite images, basic information about myself, and my interests. I hope through this resume, you are able to understand more about who I am. I worked hard to make this resume me. It was a long hard process. I don’t find myself to be super creative. I like things that are simple. I m very much a minimalist. I enjoy art that is simple and clean. I feel like I was able to capture this in my current resume.

I make the size of the booklet unique and not a basic 11.5 by 8 paper. There are many elements of my work that I did not include what I did, was my best quality work. I am learning to be a better designer and visual communicator through project like this. What I have showcased are some of my strong suits with photography.

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