Comm 300

Long Light Painting

Challenges While taking Long Light Paintings:

These images were some of the most difficult pictures to capture. Light painting objects is tedious work. It takes me a lot time to get an image that I like. The faux bokeh was also very challenging for me. With practice and a lot of help from others, I was able to get some quality images that I would love to improve. I think they are good for first attempts. I am excited to expand my knowledge with them and how they can improve in the future. There are many techniques to taking light paintings. You have to have patience, which can be extremely difficult. You need to have a good light and a good camera. The room that you light paint in also needs to be dark, almost completely black. other lights can create problems for the images later on.

One person that does a wonderful job at light painting is Jason D. Paige. Here is a link to his blog:






Light in the Dark

Finding Light in the Darkness of the Night:

These images were taken at the lodge on the photo excursion for my Communications Professional Imaging class. I was able to learn about a lot of new and unique photography techniques. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend, especially with taking the ones in the dark because it made me be able to learn more about my camera. I figured out where the different buttons where located from trial and error. The light of each of these images are extremely important because there is no image with light and darkness. Everyone at some point in their lives has to do the same thing. We need to find the light in the darkness. Each new and different photography technique can teach someone something new and different.

Here is a link to a famous photographer that I think does an amazing job with light and dark photography. This link is a great example of wedding photography that brings out beautiful lighting in the world:





Fine Arts

How to Capture the Fine Arts of Macro Photography

One of my favorite part about photography is macro photography. The first couple fine art pictures are taking from objects just sitting around my room in my apartment. The first one is of chia seeds in a water bottle with mint leaves. That’s what is the green color in the background. I found it extremely interesting that capturing the chia seeds was so difficult. I had to hold it up to the light in my room because there wasn’t any other light. The second image is of wood the has been carved into fish and sea creatures. It is a souvenir from my trip to Cuba. The last image is of money from Cuba. I laid it on my desk and took a picture of it. This was one of my favorite assignments from the project.

Here is a link to wonderful contemporary art pieces by gallery.florencedelva:




Nature Images

The Beauty of the Tetons on the Journey:

Each of these images was taken on my first photo excursion that was out of the state of Idaho. We adventured into Wyoming to take these shots in the Yellowstone National Park. There was a lot of different skills I learned while at this location of taking the pictures at the first stop with the colorful house. I learned how to take three different images so that I could get different colors in the final piece. I need to work on my editing skills. I was able to understand how to bracket which was a huge part of this assignment. I love the idea of it! I need to better understand how to utilize the programs to create a better final image. In these different edits, I used the sharpen tool. This helped make the image a lot better of the Tetons. The journey of capturing the beauty was done my bracketing. I have grown to appreciate the Tetons and especially with the mountains being capped with snow.

Mangelsen business dones a wonderful job with capturing nature and its beauty. Here is a link to the website:






Water Color Image

How to Create a Water Coloring Painted Image:

Throughout this process of creating this image, I got extremely frustrated. I had a hard time learning how to actually make a water coloring painting using a different image I had previously taken. I am glad I finally figured it out. I really like the final image that I have of it. I watch many different Youtube videos. I had a different time because I had to start and stop the video multiple times and then rewind. It took me about three tries watching video to get the concept. Then I watched another video to fully understand get the finally product that is shown below.





Creative Newspaper Hand Art

How to Creative Unique Newspaper Hand Art:

These images were taken with a scanner. I didn’t know how or that this was a popular way to take a picture. While trying to take a picture that I thought was some what unique. I created a lot of poorly designed images. It was different to get a creative image that was pleasing to me and to others. The newspaper behind my hand was done with school paper from the Scroll. I had a hard time clicking on the scan button but it worked out. I am happy with how it turned out. I am glad I was able to learn more about this process of photography and the skills that I can use in the future.

One photographer that done really great scan art is Liz Atkins. Her is a link to her website:




Water Art with a Wooden Barn

The Process of Composing Water Drops and a Wood Barn:


During this process off composing this final image, I edited it Photoshop. I took both of these images on the photo excursion with my Communication 316 Professional Imaging class. This was a cool process for me to watch be created because I was able to learn how to do something a little bit new in Photoshop. I wasn’t expecting the final image to come out as cool as this. The water drops are the back ground or where the sky used to be at. The wooden barn is where is was at but I changed the coloring of it. This process has been fun for me to learn because I now know how to compose different images together. I am going to try doing more images like this in the future. Let me know what you think!

This website has amazing profession images that look great with two images together. Christina Keddie has amazing examples of this. Check out her website at:




Unique Product Photography

Using Different Objects to Create Unique Photography:















MacySmith-flowers-white-minimalistic-yellow-origins MacySmith-food-bread-basket MacySmith-marbles-glass-reflection-vace-white MacySmith-perfume-pink-fir-women-fashion



































With his project, I was able to learn more about how unique photography can be. It is important to make each piece say something about yourself and touch others. Each product can say something new. It can change how someone thinks depending on what and how it is placed. Uniqueness is a quality I work to develop each day. During the photo excursion, I was able to learn how important it is to be prepared and take quality looking images. One image is better then a thousand blurring ones. In Photoshop I edited the different shots and added my signature to it. I had to keep changing the setting depending on where in the lodge I was taking the shot because the lighting was different at each station. With the marble shot, I had a small light with white around it. This was my favorite one from the rotations that happened.

Annie Leibovitz is a wonderful photographer that knows how to take clear shots of many different products. Here is her website:







Red Bull Gives Wings

Drinking Red Bull can give you Wings!

I don’t take credit for this image. I found it on this page,















It was a long and difficult processes capturing this unique shot. There were lots of other objects reflecting in the can. It was a fun to learn how to make it clear and pleasing to look at. With the help of two other people, white paper, and a strobe light, I was able to get the final photo. After capturing the shot of the Red Bull can, I did a few edits in Photoshop. I got the wings from the internet. The link of where I got them is under the original image. I added a few words to the ad saying, “Red Bull Gives Wings”. I like this saying. It is fun and unique. I used different camera setting to make the flash work and not see a reflection in the can.

One person that I aspire to be more like is Erik Johansson. He is an amazing product photographer. Here is the link to him website: 

Outside Winter Product

Outside in the Cold Winter Weather Shooting Products:


Looking for a great boot model? I know a girl that can stand around a the Ugg boots will look great!


Baby it’s cold outside but love will warm your heart this season!


These fun outdoor pictures where taken in Wyoming at a lodge. It had just snowed the night before a few inches so there was nice fresh snow. I focused on the objects and worked hard to get the correct lighting so that the products were the main focus.I used manual focus so that the products I was targeting got the attention and not anything other specific object in the photo. I sharpened the images in Photoshop and then added my watermark to each image. It was cold outside but the weather was beautiful and the shots I got made each second being cold outside worth it.

Here on Joe McNally’s website, you can find many great images of popular products. He does amazing photography work. Here is the link to his website:

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