Thumbnail – Unedited

Large – Edited

Thumbnail – Speedlight Setup

Editing Process

While working in Photoshop, I changed the curves, levels, and adjusted the colors to create a more vibrate background color. I also made her eyes more blue and changed the color of her jacket. I did this by creating a mask layer and then using the bush tool to go over the mask.

Shooting Process

I took this photo in the out-shirts of Rexburg with a few friends including Alex Brown. We set up the lighting and had the speedlight on with an automatic flash when I would click to capture the picture. It would well. I am glad I had help in doing this because I find speedlights to be confusing to work with.

Culture of Subject

This is Kirsten Peters. She is a awesome model. She s from Tarheel, North Carolina. She likes the fashion world, traveling, and east coast sunsets. This is just a similar representation of where you can find Kirsten on any given evening just relaxing with friends while being sassy in her sun hat. I interviewed Kirsten for forty-five minutes and we have talked more since.